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Relay For Life of Puyallup

Saturday, June 25, 2016

12:00 PM

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Sparks Stadium
601 7th Ave SW, Puyallup, WA Map it

41 teams and 347 participants have raised $138,637.33

Total above may not reflect all participants, teams, and donations

Relay For Life Of Puyallup Contests and Theme Laps:

Theme Laps:

1:30pm- Team Pride Banner Lap
2:00pm- Showoff your Boxcar
3pm- Why do you relay Lap-Make a poster/sign or even carry your luminaria Around the track to show the rest of the participants “why you relay”
4pm- Purple Passion Lap-Show your Relay pride (all the purple you can carry or wear)
5pm- Seahawk 12th man Lap-Show your Seahawk colors
6:30pm- Tutus for Tatas

9pm- Fight Cancer Lap-Superhero-Envision what your Relay superhero Would look like and dress up like them to fight back against cancer in this lap
11pm- Glow Lap-Lets light up the track
1am- Fight Back Lap-Calling all line dancers! Get up and get active. Be ready for Macarena, YMCA, Electric Slide and more
2am- Poker Lap- Every time you pass around the track pick up 1 card, after you collect 5 cards for every time you pass around the track you can trade 1 card (best hand gets a prize)
3am- Crazy Hat Lap
Noon- Closing Ceremony/Final Lap



Tent sites will be judged in three categories:   Theme, Spirit, and Mission

     Theme:  With creativity and originality in mind, tent sites will be judged on embodiment of the theme.

Example: If it were a summer season theme, you  might have a beach party with beach chairs, umbrellas, beach balls, palm trees, flip flops, sun and fun.

     Spirit:  Tent sites will be judged on Team and Relay Spirit.  

Example:  Do you have team shirts?  Do your shirts incorporate your theme and convey both the team and Relay spirit?  Are your team members active participants in your tent site decorations? Are they dressed in shorts and sunglasses?

     Mission:  Tent sites will be judged on how well you incorporate the mission into your design.  

Example: If you are throwing a summer season beach party, you might highlight the importance of sun protection.

*Check In*
Teams wishing to participate in the BEST TENT SITE COMPETITION, will need to sign up at the Info Booth, by 12:30PM, Saturday, June 25th.  There is no cost to participate in this competition, but we do need you to sign up in advance so we don't miss your tent site during judging.



Batons will be judged on how well you represent the theme of our event.  Creativity is greatly encouraged!  The only rule is that batons must be constructed on dowels between ½” and 1 ½” in diameter, and between 1 foot and 3 feet tall.

Baton Judging will take place on Sunday.  You do not need to sign up in advance to participate.  Exact time and location of the judging TBA.


The Last Tent Standing Competition rewards teams who Relay to the end—the full 24 hours!

To enter this competition, your tent site needs to be completely intact prior to closing ceremonies, on Sunday.  Sometime between 10:30am -- 11:30am a volunteer will visit your tent site.  If it is completely intact, your team will receive a ticket for the drawing.  

Once you have received a ticket, you may begin taking down your tent site.  The tickets will be placed into a Grand Prize drawing and a winner will be drawn and announced at closing ceremonies; the winning team must be present at Closing Ceremonies to win.

Boxcar Race:  Sunday 10am

Boxcar Rules:

A. Your "vehicle" must be constructed of a cardboard box or boxes.

B. The maximum width of your "vehicle" is four feet (no length restrictions).

C. Each car MUST be able to accommodate two people – a "driver" and a “passenger".

D. Your vehicle may NOT be motorized or have any "mechanical" parts (no cycles of any type). The maximum power allowed is two-human power!

E. Decorate your vehicle! Feel free to get creative as you would like with this. Example: You can incorporate something educational about cancer on your car or you can decorate based on your campsite theme.



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Top Participants
  1. Emerald Club Personal Donation Made Desiree Allen - $3,813.00
  2. Emerald Club Personal Donation Made Kim Eikum - $3,414.47
  3. Emerald Club Personal Donation Made Mary Kohli - $2,813.00

Top Teams:

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Top Teams
  1. Sapphire Team BUMPY'S CAR SHOW JULY 23 - $18,600.00
  2. Jade Team PUMC Angels for Life - $13,593.45
  3. Jade Team Relayers Curing Cancer - $12,580.75

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  1 -  Walmart - NCTP       ($6,279.38)
  2 -  Fred Meyer - NCTP       ($5,488.00)
  3 -  Best Buy       ($1,141.00)


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(253) 207-5152

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