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Survivors & Caregivers

We don't face cancer alone and neither should you. We come together every year at more than 5,200 community Relay For Life events around the country and celebrate those individuals who are winning the fight. The American Cancer Society Relay For Life movement is the world's largest support group for survivors and their caregivers.

A cancer survivor is defined by the American Cancer Society as anyone who is living with cancer, from the date of diagnosis. If you have ever heard the words, "You have cancer," we invite you to participate as a survivor.

Whether you're a survivor or caregiver, getting involved in your local Relay For Life event can introduce you to others who are facing the same challenges, and provide opportunities for learning, sharing, and friendship.


Why Survivors Participate in Relay For Life

  • Meet other cancer survivors who have had the same experiences
  • Become a part of the largest cancer support group in the world
  • Serve as inspiration to those newly diagnosed with the disease
  • Publicly recognize and thank caregivers for their support and commitment


Why Caregivers Participate in Relay For Life

  • Publicly honor and applaud survivors
  • Connect with a community of other caregivers
  • Identify that this is an illness that is faced not individually but together

Get Involved

Get Involved

Survivors and caregivers alike have described attending a Relay For Life event as a life changing experience. Planned activities happen at each event including survivor and caregiver meals, special laps and commemorative mementos. Find out more about your community's event and become a part of the experience.