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Student Relays

The American Cancer Society has many ways for students to be involved with the Relay For Life movement. We offer fundraising, cancer education and leadership opportunities for all students elementary through college. In addition to the option for students to participate in their local community Relay For Life event, students and schools have the option to host or participate in their own activities.

Student Events

Students: Relay Recess

Relay Recess

The Relay Recess program engages elementary schools in the Relay For Life movement. The program brings information about cancer education, physical activity, fundraising and community service into the classroom. Students then have fun with entertainment and activities that reinforce what they learned.

Students: Relay Field Day

Relay Field Day

The Relay Field Day program provides an excellent opportunity for middle schools to unite students, teachers, and parents in support of a common cause the fight against cancer. The Relay Field Day program brings cancer education, fundraising, and community service information to middle schools in a fun way.

Students: High School

High School Relay Events

Bring the Relay movement to your high school! A high school Relay For Life event develops leadership and community service in high school students. Talk to your local staff partner about starting a Relay event at your high school.

Events: Global

College Relay Events

Raise money. Stay up all night. Hang out with friends. Make a difference. Meet new people. Give hope. Fight cancer. Join 300,000 college students from more than 500 campuses across the country to host a collegiate Relay For Life event.