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 What is a committee retreat?

A committee retreat is just like it sounds: a gathering of each Relay's committee members to train each member on the specifics of their position and on ways in which to perform their roles more effectively. Committee retreats can occur at the event level or -- if one city has several events, they can occur at the city level. The retreat is conducted by an event's chair/co-chair, with the help from the event's staff partner.

Why a committee retreat?

The Customer Satisfaction Survey data that ACS collects after each Relay is showing that committee members don’t feel adequately trained to do their jobs. And when committees function together as a well-trained team, Relays do better – they are more engaging, participants stay all night, and the Relay raises more money in the fight against cancer.

And if committee members are trained at the beginning of an event’s Relay season in a committee retreat format, then ACS staff, event chairs, and co-chairs will have to do less as the event gets closer because everyone on the committee will know and understand their part in making sure an event goes off without a hitch and raises as much money as possible for ACS.



Cliff Notes By Position

Event Chair

Accounting Chair

Logistics Chair

Luminaria Chair

Marketing/PR Chair


 Sponsorship Chair

Survivorship Chair

Team Recruitment Chair

Team Retention Chair

Coming Soon:  Online, Entertainment, Mission, Advocacy

A special thank you to the volunteers and staff who help put this information together! 

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Michele Williams
Ashley Berndt
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