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Log in today and play around with a "test" RFL site that looks just like your local events site! 

Want to log as an event manager?
username: hptraining
password:  hptraining

Log in, edit, register, play around, change, alter, break, smash, do whatever you want to this site!  None of the info flows anywhere, and we can always reset it if it gets to crazy!  Want to try out some new coding or neat website trick?  Try it here first!


Cliff Notes 
Learn the in's and out's of your position and put a plan in place to go beyond the basics and over the top.


Additional Resources

Cool Relay Online Ideas


Relay Participant Tip Sheets

Relay SMS Text Messaging

Check out this great video idea that one Relay Online Chair created and posted on their website!  Feel free to be creative!

Participant Help Videos:  Great to send to new Relayers or show at a meeting!

 How to Register
 How to Donate
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Event Center

Edit The Website


Customer Service


How to Change the Date/Location/Goal for your event How to edit a page on your site How to Set Up an Email How to Register a Participant How to Find and Pull Reports
How to Edit Registration Options How to change Navigation Bar settings How to Send an Email How to Add Offline Donations How to Edit Reports in Excel
How to Edit the Announcement Area on the Home Page How to Upload/Insert a Document How to Filter Emails How to Move a Donation  

How to Edit the Contact Information for your site

How to Upload/Insert a Picture How to Schedule Emails to be Sent in the Future 
How to Move a Participant  
How to Edit Online Luminaria Options Advanced WYSIWYG Training for Webpages How to Create New Email Groups How to change Participant / Team Registration Information  
How to Turn Online Luminaria Off 

Advanced WYSIWYG Training for Emails 
How to Reset a Participants Password  
How to Add the Facebook Like Section / Page to your site  


How to Change the Team Captain of the Team  

How to Delete a Participant  
How to Delete a Team  
            How to Create a Company  










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