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Fundraising Best Practices - for online, on-site, individual, team, and ideas with a Mission focus

"Dress Relay Cool"

Wouldn’t it be cool to have a “Dress Cool for Cancer” day and raise money for your high school Relay or community event? Get your school administration and teachers on board to have a day during which students have to pay to “Dress Relay Cool” instead of wearing their school uniform. Charge $5, create a big Relay buzz, and raise a whole lot of $$$ in one day for your Relay!

school uniform

Coffee & Company

Enjoy coffee and a chat with your friends and raise money too! Invite your neighbors to your place for a mid-morning coffee break. You supply the coffee and treats, and ask them to donate to your Relay team. Try having a few Luminaria bags handy so friends can donate and decorate right then and there.

Cup of Coffee

Questions for a Buck

One individual raised money by having her boss, who was constantly being asked questions by everyone,  start charging a buck for each question. Word spread and everyone started asking questions and paying up!

Have you gotten your Bark on?

Don't forget about our furry friends! They also can fight back,  with Bark For Life!  Many communities across the country are seeing success with these mini fund-raisers- from $200 to $5,000! Bark allows you to engage a whole new group of people in the fight against cancer and a whole new group of canine caregivers! So go on...get your Bark on!

Hair Raising Fun

Ask someone to shave their head or dye their hair purple at the Relay once a certain amount of money has been raised. A popular teacher?  A prominent business leader perhaps?  Be sure to set a high goal and get the clippers ready!

Penny Wars

Compete against another Relay team or between departments in your workplace to see who can collect the most pennies for Relay. All silver and paper money in the penny jars count against the total number of pennies, so each team tries to sabotage each other’s jars with bills and large coins. Plus they raise more dough in the process!

Jeans For Life

"I teach at the Elementary School. Several times during the school year we hold a "Jeans for Life". Teachers pay $10.00 ($2.00 a day) to wear jeans all week long. It's a great way for us to raise money. All the teachers love it." 
-submitted by
Twylah Beaty, Relay For Life of Comanche County, TX

This fundraiser works great in any office, school, or workplace!  Dress down stickers that are branded with the Relay For Life logo are available for you to use, ask for some at the next team captains meeting!

HP dress down sticker

Pie in the Face

"We hold a Pie in the Face Contest at school. Students and faculty vote by placing money in a container with a teacher's name on it. The teacher in each grade level with the most money gets a pie thrown in their face. Teachers volunteer and even campaign for their competitors. We hold this prior to the spring testing. Each class has a pep rally right before the test and that is when the winners are announced. It is videotaped and shown to the entire school the next week. Administration can also be in the competition. We raised over $1100 this year."
-submitted by Judy Bender, Relay For Life of Bay Area, TX


High Plains Pie in Face

Recurring Gifts

Did you know that your Relay online site allows your donors to set up recurring gifts?  Recurring gifts are donations that can be spread out over a length of time, such as quarterly or monthly.  Did someone give you $100 last year towards your Relay efforts, but this year, they said they can only give you $50?  As them if they would be willing to give you $20 a month for 5 months!  You don't need to do anything special to set it up, just tell them to head to your Relay Online page and make a donation! 

 calendar LH

Mother's Day Is Just Around The Corner

The second Sunday in May will be here before you know it. So beyond making your personal Mother’s Day plans, consider a way to honor mom ­and support the fight against cancer. Is it a Mother’s Day brunch fundraiser? Partnering with a dress shop to stage a fashion show and tea?  A flower sale? Ladies-only golf tourney? The possibilities are endless!  The key is to start planning for it soon. 

HP Flower for FF email 

HP Bar graphic


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