Celebrate Your Life!

Be Celebrated at Relay. An important part of the American Cancer Society Relay For Life® is the celebration of nearly 11 million cancer survivors who are alive in the United States today.

Anyone who has ever battled cancer is invited to celebrate life  by joining your local American Cancer Society Relay For Life. Find a survivor lap near you. Survivors, caregivers, friends and family are our honored guests! 

Each step we take together draws us closer to a cure. Relay For Life is an overnight event that raises awareness of cancer in the community and raises funds to fight cancer.  Teams of friends, neighbors, families, and co-workers commit to keep at least one member walking on the track...because cancer never sleeps.

The Survivors' Lap symbolizes the courage of survivors and their families display every day.  Take this opportunity to have your community support and honor you and in turn support others who are facing this disease.  



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Meet our Heroes of Hope!
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The High Plains Relay For Life Heroes of Hope and their Profiles of Courage epitomize the courageous strength and determination of survivors and caregivers after a cancer diagnosis.

These extraordinary volunteers inspire hope in the fight against cancer through hands-on engagement with Relay communities across the High Plains Division. By sharing personal stories of their cancer journey, each stands tall to proclaim “I am HOPE” and invites you to double the effort to end the burden of cancer.

Your American Cancer Society Heroes of Hope is a group of select Society spokespersons who are ready and waiting to tell their American Cancer Society story. When looking for an inspirational and encouraging speaker, consider asking a Hero of Hope to rally your participants.


Through their stories, Heroes of Hope help to create more birthdays as they fight back against cancer in communities across the High Plains Division. Cancer survivors and caregivers inspire us, reaffirm our mission, and reinforce, in a personal way, the need to eliminate cancer from our lives by helping people stay well, by helping people get well, by finding cures, and by fighting back.  To read more about our 2013 Heroes of Hope, click here.

Ready to Help Others?  Ready to Fight Back?

While every cancer experience is different, there are some common threads that tie survivors together, such as the immeasurable strength it takes to face challenges head on.

Celebrate your personal journey with others who have walked a similar path at the American Cancer Society Relay For Life, and find other ways to fight back and make a difference in the lives of those affected by this disease.

Relay event

Invite other Survivors
Send ecards or a video invitation to other cancer Survivors, friends and family letting them know about Relay and encouraging them to join you or find an event in their community. 

Share your story
Help us give hope to people across the country and around the world by sharing your story. It's stories like yours that provide comfort and courage to others whose lives have been touched by cancer.

Form a Team
Teams are made up of any number of people who share a passion and commitment to raise money throughout the year.  Teams can be composed of friends, families, co-workers, churches, social clubs, small businesses...and the list goes on.  Team Captains and Team Members are the "foot-soldiers" in the battle against cancer- raising funds and awareness to fight back.

Learn to Share Your Story
Learn how to tell your cancer story by
taking our Story Telling E-Workshop!

HP RFL.org ACS story telling workshop training

CRN - question markGet Information

We can provide you with the most up-to-date information possible on any type of cancer, treatments and clinical trials. Search our Web site, http://www.cancer.org/,  for information on cancer and resources in your area, or call one of our experts at 1-800-227-2345, day or night.

Cancer Reference Information
Find information on specific types of cancer, including early detection, prevention, treatment, staging, clinical trials, new research advances, and medical references and resources.

Treatment Options
What treatment is best for you? Which methods have proven to be most effective? Here you can find answers to your questions, plus learn about what to ask your physician, what's new in research, and what you can expect after treatment is over.

If someone you love has been diagnosed with cancer, you may find yourself taking on new, unfamiliar responsibilities as you help them through treatment and recovery. Taking care of a person with cancer is an important, and sometimes difficult, job. In this section you'll find information and resources to make it easier.

Patients, Family, and Friends
Here you'll find medical information, treatment decision tools, news updates, and support resources. You can also read about survivors' experiences, find hope, and inspire others.


CRN - heartFind Support
No one need face cancer alone. We are here to provide support every step of the way, from the time you schedule a cancer test through recovery and beyond. We know what you are going through and we can put you in touch with others who can speak from experience.

ACS Support Programs and Services
Check out these American Cancer Society support groups, services, and events for support, information, and ideas about how you can help fight cancer.

Find local Resources and Support Groups
Find local programs and support services that provide assistance. Tell us what kind of resources you're looking for; transportation, medical equipment, support groups, health care services, and more.

Online cancer education classes 
For a quick, easy way to learn important facts and practical tips about cancer and related issues, participate in our interactive online program, I Can Cope—Online.

Children and Cancer
Find information about the types, diagnosis and treatment of childhood cancers as well as resources for parents, siblings, and friends.   

CRN - heartPatient Services
Having cancer is hard, finding help shouldn't be. We can answer questions about insurance, rides to treatment, wigs, and much more. We are here to help with day-to-day issues and to ease the burden of patients and caregivers.

Rides to Treatment
Every day thousands of cancer patients need a ride to treatment, but some may not have a way to get there. If finding a ride is a problem for you, we may be able to help.

Health Insurance and Financial Assistance
As a cancer patient, you may have financial resources available to you, including health insurance, government programs, disability benefits, aid from voluntary organizations, and living benefits from life insurance policies.  If you have no medical insurance, there are other options.

Reach to Recovery
Reach to Recovery volunteers are breast cancer survivors themselves.  Volunteers can meet with you face-to-face or over the phone to give you and your family the support and information you need to cope with a breast cancer diagnosos.

Man to Man
Man to Man volunteers hold free monthly meetings where men facing prostate cancer support eachother and exchange information through treatment and beyond.

Look Good...Feel Better
A program that teach people in active cancer treatment ways to help with the appearance related side effects of treatment.

"tlc" magalog
The American Cancer Society's catalog and magazine for women offering helpful articles and a line of products made for women fighting cancer.




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HP RFL.org ACS story telling workshop training




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