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Fundraising Tips

We can’t thank you enough for choosing to get involved with the American Cancer Society Relay For Life® and raising money to support the fight against cancer. You will join 3.5 million people across the country this year to fight back against cancer and share your passion for the cause through Relay.

If you haven’t yet registered for your 2009 Relay event and created your personal fundraising page, click here to sign up and get started.

Did you know that the number one reason people say they don’t donate is because no one ever asked them? Whether you are an individual fundraiser or you are fundraising with a team, be sure to reach out to as many people as possible. Remember, you are not doing this alone. The American Cancer Society offers you many great fundraising tips and tools to help you be successful.

Visit to find many great resources to help you reach and surpass your fundraising goal. Here, you can find fundraising tools in the Relay Library, connect with other successful fundraisers in the forums and blogs to share ideas and ask questions, get sample email messages to send to friends and family asking for support, watch helpful videos, and much more!

Fundraising Tips for Individuals  |  Fundraising Tips for Teams


      Fundraising Tips for Individuals

      Sign up
      Sign up to use the Relay For Life® online fundraising Web site and make your own personal Web page. Click here to sign up and get started today. If you need help, please contact your local Relay For Life staff partner at 1.888.ACS.OHIO.

      Email Your Friends and Family
      Send emails to everyone you know using our easy and fun-to-use email tool. Import your address book, use one of our email templates or create your own, track results, and follow up. Soon, credit card donations will start rolling in.

      Make a List and Check It Twice
      Make a list of potential donors. Include everyone you know. Start by making a donation to yourself online. Your gift will set the tone for others to give.

      One a Day
      Ask a different person each day to make a contribution. If you get four $25 gifts, you will have raised $100 in less than a week. Don’t be afraid to ask for larger gifts. Cancer is an issue that affects us all, and most people are happy to donate.

      Double Your Money
      Many employers offer matching funds programs. Your $50 donation could turn into $100. Inquire with your personnel/HR department to complete the paperwork required to get your gift matched. Visit our Matching Gifts page.

      The Mighty Pen
      Send a letter in the mail to friends, family, and co-workers asking for their support. Let them know if you are walking in honor of someone. Explain why the cause is important to you; heartfelt messages get the best response. Don’t forget to send a thank you note to people who donate.

      Bring It Along
      Take your Web site's address and contribution form everywhere you go and ask everyone you interact with to sponsor you. Remember, the fight against cancer is a great cause, and most people want to help.

      Talk It Up
      Ask for a few minutes on the agenda of any meetings you will be attending. Explain why you are walking and ask for everyone’s support. If you are dedicating your efforts to someone who has had cancer, tell that person’s story.

      Offer Food
      Offer healthy treats to your friends, family, and co-workers for a small gift to the American Cancer Society. Most people can be tempted to donate.

      Clean House
      Clean out your garage or home and set up a Relay For Life® donation booth in exchange for your finds. Ask your friends and neighbors to donate their stuff to you, explaining that all proceeds go to the fight against cancer.

      If a birthday or holiday is coming up, tell your family and friends that in lieu of a gift, you would like them to make a donation to the American Cancer Society for your Relay For Life®.

      Pin It Up
      Post your Web site address or walk paper on the bulletin board at church or temple, in the office, at the gym, or at school. Make sure to highlight your name, phone number, email address, and team Web page address.

      Send the Message
      Change the recording on your voicemail or answering machine to mention Relay For Life® and how callers can make a donation. Then, when you call people back, ask them to sponsor you. When emailing friends, add a “PS” asking for their support.

      Call Us
      Your regional American Cancer Society office has more helpful hints on raising support so don't hesitate to call us at 1.888.ACS.OHIO to make this the most successful Relay For Life® yet!

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      Fundraising Tips for Teams

      Challenge Each Other
      Hold weekly challenges within a company that has two or more teams. Drive your fundraising effort through healthy competition.

      Go Casual
      Dress down for a cause. Arrange for your office or school to allow people to dress casual in support of Relay For Life® by giving a dollar or two or even five.

      Reduce Stress
      Find a masseuse through a health club, training school, or chiropractor's office. Have them come to your business and provide a 5 or 10 minute neck and shoulder massages for a gift of $10. Have employees sign up beforehand, and the masseuse will come right into their office.

      Give Rewards
      Ask your boss to offer an extra vacation day to the team member who raises the most money. If your team is the highest fundraising team within the company, see if everyone on the team can have a day off.

      Give Prizes
      Get some great prizes donated to your team. Try gift certificates at a restaurant or spa. Then auction them off to the highest bidders.

      Honor Loved Ones
      Create quilt squares in honor of, or in memory of people with cancer. Accept varying donations for different sizes: a 4” square for $5, an 8” square for $15, and a 12” square for $25. Display the quilt in the lobby at work, school, health club, or place of worship. If you can’t use fabric, try something else like card stock.

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