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American Cancer Society Ohio Division

Welcome to the Ohio Division Page on Here, you can find information that is specific to the Ohio Division.
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Relay For Life Committee Resources


2009 Nationwide Relay For Life Award Winners

Van Velsor Wolf

The following Ohio counties placed in the "Top Ten" nationally for their efforts during the 2009 Relay For Life season:

Ranking County Region Population Confirmed
Net Income
Per Capita


Henry Northwest 25,000-29,999




Jackson Central 30,000-34,999




Shelby Southwest 40,000-49,999




Seneca Northwest 50,000-59,999




Wayne Northeast 100,000-149,999




Trumbull Northeast 150,000-249,999



In addition, the following volunteer ranked in the "Top Ten" nationally for her individual fundraising efforts: Gabrielle Palmeri of the Hudson Relay in Summit County (Ohio Division Northeast Region) raised $25,417 and ranked 10th nationally!

Winners were determined by the National Relay For Life Business Unit based on data from Lawson (as of 10.07.09), Convio (as of 8.31.09), and Siebel. Congratulations to our fiscal year 2009 nationwide Relay For Life award winners, and thank you to all of our volunteers and staff who have worked so hard this year!


Fall is Recruitment Time:
Blitzing for Committee Members and Teams

Now is the time recruit for committee members and teams. We suggest using a recruitment strategy called “blitzing.” A blitz is an intense campaign or a swift, vigorous flurry of activity. There are five steps to blitzing:

  1. Identify the geography or the channel for your blitz. Are you blitzing a specific portion of town (e.g., the south side of town)? Or are you blitzing a channel of the community from the recruitment wheel (e.g., faith-based, service clubs, schools, etc.)? 
  2. Round up the Troops! You can’t blitz the community all by yourself. Motivate your Committee and Team Development Committee to participate. Also, gather additional volunteers to help if necessary. Get their buy-in and get them excited about the blitz and the outcome that it can have on your event. 
  3. Goal Setting & Timeframe It was once said that a vision without a goal is just a hallucination. There must be an evaluation mechanism to gauge the success of your blitz efforts. Make sure your goals are specific for both length of time and outcomes. Some communities utilize the 30/30 rule: 30 teams in 30 days. Some choose to work by channel in the community and have a goal by each week (e.g., this week we are doing faith-based organizations and we will recruit five teams). Encourage committee members to also set individual goals of how many committee members or teams they will recruit for the blitz. 
  4. Assemble Your Materials You will need team commitment forms, information sheets, and lists of who you are contacting. If you are blitzing specific channels of the community, research what tools we have that would suit those channels (e.g., co-branded materials for National Corporate Teams, mini Relay kits for schools, menus of opportunities for canvassing geographic areas of the town, etc). 
  5. Blitz, Blitz, Blitz!!!


Join the movement to make the American Cancer Society the official sponsor of your birthday

Join people around the globe who are passionately committed to making a world with less cancer and more birthdays a reality!

Taste More Birthdays Cake CompetitionThe movement for more birthdays is about everyday people coming together to make a meaningful difference. There are so many ways to create a world with more birthdays. Whether you are keeping your family healthy to stay well, finding the best resources to help a friend or loved one deal with a diagnosis on their journey to get well, or becoming active in your local community to fight back and find cures for this disease, together we can help make sure that cancer never steals another year of anyone’s life.

Every day more people are joining the movement to create a world with more birthdays. Our strength and commitment fuels the movement’s growth, honors those that have been affected by cancer, and reminds us all how special one more candle, one more cake, and one more celebration with the people we love truly is.

Want a world with more birthdays? Join the movement today, because there’s no such thing as too many candles! 

Fight Cancer at the Checkout Line!

This holiday season, there are two ways to raise money for Relay at certain Ohio Kroger stores:

  • Buy a Bag: Kroger is selling reusable grocery bags with the Relay logo. One dollar from each bag sold will benefit the American Cancer Society all through November and December. Just look for the red bag with the Relay logo!
  • Kroger Plus Card: In addition, you can help raise up to $200,000 for the American Cancer Society the next time you check out at these Kroger stores without spending an extra dime. Just designate the American Cancer Society’s Ohio Relay For Life, 870 Michigan Avenue, Columbus, Ohio, as your charity of choice with your Kroger Plus card. To get involved, go to or print this letter and give it to the cashier the next time you check out. Here is a list of participating Kroger stores. Stores in other locations, including Cincinnati, Dayton, and Springfield, are not participating.

These two promotions have raised more than $5,000 for Relay this year so far, and we want to raise even more. Thanks for your support!! 

Ohio Cancer Facts & Figures 2009

Ohio Cancer Facts & Figures How does cancer affect your local community? Check out Ohio Cancer Facts & Figures 2009 to find out about cancer in your county and common cancer questions.

  • In 2009, an estimated 62,420 Ohioans will be diagnosed with invasive cancer and 24,350 Ohioans will die from the disease.
  • Good news! Survival from cancer continues to increase. The five-year relative survival probability for all cancers diagnosed nationally during 1999-2005 is 67%, up from 50% in 1975-1977. Survival rates are highest when cancer is detected early. To find out what early detection tests you need, and how to reduce your risk of cancer, go to www.cancer.og/healthcheck.
  • One worrying trend is the increase in death rates from melanoma. Mortality from this skin cancer increased 15% among whites in Ohio during 1990-2006. You can reduce your risk of melanoma by covering up and using sunscreen while outside and avoiding tanning beds.
  • Overall, cancer incidence and deaths rates are higher in Ohio than the United States. Cancer death rates are 8% higher than the national average.
  • African Americans have a higher cancer incidence and mortality rate than whites in Ohio. Between 2002 and 2006, the African American average annual cancer incidence rate was 7% higher and the cancer mortality rate was 26% higher compared to whites.

Click here to download or call 1-800-227-2345 to request a hard copy of the report.


American Cancer Society Research

Public opinion polls show that finding a cure for cancer is America's number one concern for the American Cancer Society. Research is the ultimate answer to finding a cure. The American Cancer Society has a lot to brag about. The Society has been involved in virtually every major cancer research breakthrough in the past century. We want our donors, volunteers, and the cancer patients we serve to know what is going on in the world of research and how the Society is using valuable donor dollars.

This Research Promotion Kit will help you to get the word out. This kit will help you...

  • Talk knowledgeably about American Cancer Society research programs and accomplishments
  • Acquire research speakers for events, such as Relay For Life
  • Access research materials like brochures, giveaways, and videos
  • Communicate with the media more easily
Research Research Research
National Research Fact Sheet Involving Researchers at ACS Events Research Message Wheel
Ohio Research Fact Sheet Research Promotion Materials Stem Cell Research Letter

Relay For Life Media Guide 2010

Need help promoting your Relay to the media? The Ohio Division’s Relay For Life Media Guide has been updated for 2010 and is now available for your use.This resource provides... 

  • Template press releases 
  • Sample public service announcements (PSAs) 
  • Story pitch ideas 
  • Social media marketing best practices 
  • Interview tips
  • And, much more!

For questions about this media guide, contact the Wendy Simpkins, Sr. Director of Corporate Communications, at 888-227-6446 ext. 8604 or via email at

Check it out!   2010 Relay For Life Media Guide