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Fundraising Tips

                       Raising $100 per team member is easy when you remember it is to fight cancer. Click here for '10 Easy Ways to Raise $100.'

We can’t thank you enough for choosing to get involved with the American Cancer Society Relay For LifeŽ and raising money to support the fight against cancer. You will join 3.5 million people across the country this year to fight back against cancer and share your passion for the cause through Relay.

If you haven’t yet registered for your 2009 Relay event and created your personal fundraising page, click here to sign up and get started. Convey the Relay spirit on your personal Web page and USE THE EMAIL TOOL!  This is by far the easiest way for you to raise money.

Did you know that the number one reason people say they don’t donate is because no one ever asked them?
Whether you are an individual fundraiser or you are fundraising with a team, be sure to reach out to as many people as possible. Never feel apologetic about asking people to join the fight against cancer. When you ask someone to donate to your Relay For Life, you are giving them an opportunity to do something good for others and, in turn, feel good about themselves.

Remember, you are not doing this alone. The American Cancer Society offers you many great fundraising tips and tools to help you be successful. 

Visit to find many great resources to help you reach and surpass your fundraising goal.
Here, you can find fundraising tools in the Relay Library, connect with other successful fundraisers in the forums and blogs to share ideas and ask questions, get sample email messages to send to friends and family asking for support, watch helpful videos, and much more!

Here are a few fun - yes, fundraising can be lots of fun - ideas to get you started:

- Hold a pizza taste-off. The Relay For Life of Cape Ann raised $1,700 with this community fundraiser. Eighteen businesses donated 10 pizzas each, and people paid $6 a piece to sample a taste of each and vote for their favorite.

- Put together a Relay Community Cookbook. Ask every team to submit a certain number of favorite recipes. To save cost, staple the recipes together with heavier stock paper covers. Have them available at Relay and other public community events, in exchange for a donation.

- Ask permission to sell food at your Town Meeting. You might have to coordinate with other groups, such as scouts, but this could be profitable venture and a great way to publicize Relay.

- Do you have artistic people on your team? Have them make beaded jewelry or Relay ornaments.

- Consider hosting a dunking tank at a community event. Students love to dunk a teacher, principal, or coach!

- Team members who work together could provide occasional pot luck lunches for their colleagues, advertised well in advance. A home-cooked meal in exchange for a Relay donation!

- Organize teens to do odd jobs for residents - in exchange for a Relay donation.

- Don't overlook car washes and bake sales. They are lots of fun and always raise more than you expect them to. Sometimes by not setting a price, just asking for donations, results in bigger profits.

- Does your town hold a community fair?  Ask to set up a face-painting or crafts booth that children can't resist. Or, jail high-profile community members in a 'cancer cell' and ask for donations to bail them out.

- Organize a yard sale in your neighborhood, scout troop, place of worship, or even town-wide tag sale, with all or a portion of the earnings going to Relay.

- Ask local restaurants who deliver if they will tape a luminaria flyer to their delivery bags or boxes.

- Double your money! Make sure to ask all of your supporters to find out if their employer with match their gift!

- Hold a regular Friday bake sale at work so employees will have treats for the weekend. Ask for baked goods to be wrapped attractively so they could be given as gifts.

- Casual for a Cure; Ask your company CEO or president to let staff dress casual or wear denim for a contribution of $5 or more.

- Sell coffee and cocoa at early morning fall and winter sporting events.

- Bottle & Can Drive: Start asking everyone on your team and at you office to start saving their returnables for the Relay to cash in on.

- Penny Wars: This works well at colleges amd large companies. Departments or dormitories set up a jar for change drop offs. The group with the most points wins a prize. Pennies are worth positive points; silver coins and cash are worth negative points. Sabotage your competition by dropping silver coins and cash into their jar!

- Gift Wrap Service: During the holidays, ask stores or malls if teams can set up a gift-wrapping station. Get wrapping paper, ribbon, and other supplies donated and charge to wrap gifts.

Want more? Here are '10 Easy Ways to Raise $100' for youth participants and college-age participants.