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Campsite and Team Themes

Usually, there is an overall theme for your Relay For Life event, and teams are encouraged to create a "team theme" based on the event's overall theme. Here are some universal theme ideas that can be tailored or used in many different ways.

Celebrate Hope

Cirque du Relay

Holiday Theme. “We took a holiday, now its time to celebrate…”

Relay Around the Clock


HOTTT: Helping Others Through Tough Times

Kicking Cancer to the Curb

Olympics (carry a torch for your laps, wear togas, paint hula hoops to form the 5 rings)

Racing for a Cure - Racecar theme. Build a track around your campsite

Fishing for a Cure - have a boat, fishing rods, fish, etc. hanging from your tent

Gilligan's Island - palm tree decorations. Don't be lost a C (cancer)

Woodstock - peace signs, braided hair, tie-dyed shirts

Scrubbing out a Cure - hang clothes on a clothes line. Have washboards and buckets

Take a bite out of cancer - Decorate tents with big mouths

Western Theme - dress like cowboys

Noah's Ark - have animals paired up. Make the tent look like an ark.

Farm Theme - Hay bales, mini tractor, pretend animals

Raising Money For Cancer - money trees with fake money.

Christmas Theme - Dress like elves, decorate tent like a Christmas tree, hang stockings.

Realtors - Build a house around your tent. Bring a real door, landscaping, etc.

Living Dolls - Make your tent into a doll house.

Cancer Crushers - Have big feet everywhere with crushed cans.

Rocking to the Oldies - Decorate like Al's Diner from Happy Days. Team members dress the part.

Aloha Theme - palm trees, swimming pool.

Hunting for a Cure - decorate tent in camouflage. Team members wear fatigues.

Lettuce Make a Difference - Dress up as carrots, broccoli, tomatoes, or celery and mix it up as a salad.

Luau For Life

The Wild Walkers - bikers theme

Reeling for the cure - fishing theme

Beach Bums

ICEolate Cancer - make your campsite look like it's in the North Pole

Put a Chill on Cancer - Transform your tent into an igloo and bring lots of healthy frozen treats.

Foreign Country - Dress in the traditional costumes of the country of your choice, serve appropriate national cuisine. Make your tent into a famous building from that country (i.e. The Eiffel Tower, The Coliseum).

Favorite Movie - Recreate characters, sets, and your favorite scenes. Bring the movie soundtrack along to add the mood.

Cancer Crusaders - Make your tent into a castle, everyone dresses as knights.

Lifesavers - like the candy

M&M's - Mad and Mashing out Cancer

Golfers - Tee'd off at cancer

Carnival For A Cure - Have all your teams have a carnival/circus theme

Happily Ever After - Use fairytale themes and make your event slogan "Making the Fairytale of a Cure Come true."

Night at the Movies - use the list of movie themes below:
 King Kong
 Star Wars
 Lord of the Rings
 Harry Potter

Take Me Out to the Ballgame - Major League teams (entire event could do this w/ each team as a different Major League team).

Sitcoms/Comedy For A Cure

Moo-ving For a Cure - have a cow on a banner, dress as cows, whatever fun cow related themes you can think of! Then, Moo-ve cancer out!

Cartooning For A Cure - can also work for the whole Relay event. Also known as "Toon Out Cancer."