Print your Own Toolkits and Ideas to Try

Are you making plans to Show Us Your Hope on May 1? We hope so! That’s why we’ve created a few tools to help you to spread the power of purple in your community. Pass out flyers, wear the Show Us Your Hope stickers, and encourage local restaurants to use our paper placemats. With those great tools, you’re sure to get your town excited about turning purple on May 1.

Click the Links below to download

Show Us Your Hope Proclamation
Show Us Your Hope Tips for Working with Media
Show Us Your Hope Sample Press Release (Have your Volunteer Publicity chair distribute to local media.)
Show Us Your Hope Sample Calendar Listing
Show Us Your Hope Letter to the Editor
Show Us Your Hope Sample Paper Flyer
Show Us Your Hope Supplies List
Show Us Your Hope Overview
Show Us Your Hope Host It Post It Guide
Relay For Life Fact Sheet 2008

Materials in Spanish

Mu´┐?strenos su ESPERANZA recursos
Muestras de comunicado de prensa
Muestras de listado calendario
Muestras carta al redactor


Toolkit Tips

Flyers are a great way to spread the word; display them in and around your community. Place flyers in schools, churches, grocery stores, neighborhood clubs, banks, hair salons, and malls locations that have a lot of people traffic!  Hold a contest for the most flyers posted by a team member.

Get your local restaurants involved in Show Us Your Hope activities! Many eateries have family friendly atmospheres so encourage them to use the flyer as a placemat to show support for Relay For Life. Distribute them to local restaurants or diners and ask them to use it on May 1.

Fundraising Activities are also a great tie in to Show Us Your Hope.

Ideas to Try

Show your purple pride and make Show Us Your Hope an incredible success. Have a great idea? Submit it >>

Get ready to get purple! Click on the links below for ideas to Show Us Your Hope on May 1, the unofficial kick-off day of Relay For Life in California:

Show Us Your Hope by
Paint Your Town Purple
Paint Your School Purple
Paint Your College Campus Purple
Paint Your Workplace Purple

Remember: Whether you do it yourself, or with a group of Relay friends, let your staff partner in on it. Don't know who it is?  Find out here.

Be creative! Don't limit yourself to the ideas we've offered.

Be considerate of others. If you'd like to spray your front yard purple, go crazy! Just remember to stay out of your neighbor's yard.

Spread the word. When someone asks you why you dressed up your front door purple, be sure to tell them May 1 is Show Us Your Hope Day. 

Show Us Your Hope by Painting Your Town Purple

You have the power to spread hope in your community! If you're a home owner, a restauranteur, or a retail business owner, check out the following ideas for turning your town purple on May 1:

Decorate your home or store windows with a purple display.
Hold a Main Street contest for the Best Purple Window Display.
Encourage businesses and stores to sell Relay For Life "Sun" and "Moon" cards.
Display a purple yard sign in your front yard.
Decorate your front entrance, your fence, or your door with purple balloons.
Paint your porch light purple or insert a purple bulb.
Tie purple ribbons around tress in your neighborhood.
Wear purple clothing.
Buy and wear our purple wrist bands.
Turn your town landmarks purple.
Create a mock Relay For Life campsite in your town square and use as a basis to solicit media coverage.
Decorate the exterior of your City Hall purple.
Ask your town mayor to proclaim May 1 as the official Show Us Your Hope day in your community.

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Show Us Your Hope by Painting Your School Purple
Can you imagine your high school principal wearing a purple jumpsuit for a day? You can make it happen! Use these ideas to turn your school purple on May 1:

Ideas for Students:

Distribute and post posters throughout your community.
Wear purple clothing/pajamas.
Place a purple product in your lunch box (ex. grapes).
Create purple window decorations and display them in
your school windows. Write your school notes in purple ink.
Wear our purple wrist bands and share them with friends.
Display Relay For Life posters in your school.
Decorate your school hallways with purple balloons.
Decorate your school yard with purple chalk artwork.
Hold a contest for the Funkiest Purple Dresser.
Create a mock Relay For Life campsite on school grounds.
Get your high school principal to turn purple for the day!

Ideas for School Administration:

Distribute and post flyers throughout your school.
Purchase our purple wrist bands and give them out to students.
Make Show Us Your Hope activities part of your school’s community service program.
Place information about Show Us Your Hope on your school’s Website.
Include information about Show Us Your Hope in your school bulletin.

Fundraising Ideas for Students:

Encourage local stores and businesses to sell Relay For Life “Sun” and “Moon” cards.
Designate May 1 as your core fundraising day.
Sell purple carnations to raise funds.

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Show Us Your Hope by Painting Your College Campus Purple
If your college event takes place before May 1, you can still Show Us Your Hope by turning your college campus purple on another day. Be sure to send us pictures!

Download the Sample Press Release for College Campuses 

Turn your Campus Purple and Fundraise too!

  • Distribute and post flyers for Show Us Your Hope. Display Relay For Life posters on campus.
  • Wear purple clothing.
  • Wear our purple wrist bands and share them with friends.
  • Make yard signs with facts about the American Cancer Society and Relay For Life and put them around campus. (You can make these by laminating pieces of paper and stapling them to paint stirrers.)
  • Decorate the campus cafeterias with purple streamers and balloons, and use purple tablecloths and sheet-liners on the trays. Use table tents to advertise your Relay event or your Colleges Against Cancer chapter.
  • Display purple posters in the shape of a star or the letters “HOPE.”
  • Hang a Relay banner from the highest point of campus.
  • Place a large quantity of fight back flags on the campus quad or green.
  • Lining a main street on your campus with luminaria one evening
  • Encouraging everyone in your community to wear purple for a day
  • Write Relay messages in sidewalk chalk around your campus.
  • Put purple scarves and hats on the statues on campus.
  • Put purple ribbons around lampposts on campus.
  • Spelling “hope” in the windows of a large building at night
  • Illuminating buildings, fountains, or monuments with purple lights
  • Filling a major landmark area/tourist destination with survivors and caregivers
  • Tying purple ribbons on trees on a well-traveled street
  • Ask the grounds crews to paint the lines on your ball fields purple.
  • Paint windows purple.
  • Getting as many people as possible to replace their doorway lights with purple bulbs during Paint the Campus Purple week
  • Create a purple mailbox or toilet, place it in one area of campus (such as faculty offices, etc.), and ask that people make a donation to move it somewhere else.
  • Decorate a common area on campus with purple ribbons, balloons, and American Cancer Society Relay For Life posters and fliers.
  • Cover the backgrounds of bulletin boards or information kiosks with purple tablecloths or purple butcher paper.
  • Ask faculty and staff to participate by using purple chalk or by making the backgrounds of their slides purple for the day or week. Ask that the professors explain why they are using purple.
  • Try “dorm storming”: make purple signs for people to hang in their windows showing their support for Relay and the American Cancer Society.
  • Decorate the lobbies of the residence halls in purple.
  • Host a purple dorm-door decorating contest.
  • Set up an information table somewhere central on campus where people can ask questions about Relay and what they can do to get involved. Hand out purple ribbons for people to wear.
  • Hold a mini-Relay on your campus. This helps increase awareness about Relay and helps raise funds, too. Invite teams to set up tables and hold fundraisers. Hand out purple candy with event information attached.
  • Help support and acknowledge cancer survivors on campus by giving them purple flowers or other gifts.
  • Tie-dye old Relay T-shirts as a fundraiser on campus.
  • Hand out candy to people who wear Relay shirts on a particular day.
  • Make and sell purple drinks and cookies
  • Tie up bunches of balloons and attach information about cancer. Hand them out or trade them for a donation.
  • Create a recruitment video for your campus and interview people during your events. Ask them why they Relay. Show it at meetings and post it on YouTube.
  • Show Relay information videos and recruitment videos. (Check with your staff partner about the videos that are available.)
  • Gathering survivors in a central location for a simple candlelight ceremony
  • Forming the letters H-O-P-E with survivors and caregivers at a local field/stadium 
  • Host a semi-formal Relay ball. Encourage guests to wear purple and ask for a donation as admission.
  • Offer spirit points for students participating and declare a winner at the end of the festivities.
  • Have someone dress up as a purple statue (you may have seen street performers do this) and put out a container for donations. When people make a donation, the “statue” moves.
  • Have a competition between teams, and give out prizes for the most people signed up, or the most money generated.
  • Have a speaker, such as a researcher or survivor, address the campus.
  • Get sororities and fraternities involved by asking them to hang purple signs outside their houses with catchy anti-cancer slogans or messages such as “We support the American Cancer Society.” or “We’ve signed up for Relay For Life. Have you?”
  • Ask a band to play and encourage donations from those who attend. Invite guest speakers, such as your Colleges Against Cancer Relay chairs, the team recruitment chair, a survivor, a caregiver, or someone whose life has been affected by the American Cancer Society to speak during the concert.
  • Hold a registration blitz. Have computers available onsite for people to register as participants or set up teams.
  • Hang Relay T-shirts on clotheslines or put Relay shirts on statues around campus.
  • Have students on campus fill out postcards for survivors they know inviting them to participate in Relay For Life, then mail them out.
  • Make cards to send to patients at a local hospital or cancer center.
  • Make cookies or gifts and take them to a local hospital or cancer center and invite hospital staff and others to attend.
  • Ask students to make posters answering the question, “Why do I Relay?”
  • Create a purple parade to march through the campus.
  • Create a mock Relay For Life campsite on campus.
  • Encourage your campus’ registration, finance, and admissions offices to display purple decorations.
  • Offer a registration discount for Relay on that day only.
  • Work with dining services to have a Paint the Campus Purple dinner fundraiser with healthy foods that have a purple theme. One school convinced the dining hall to dye all of the food purple for the day! Or consider asking our dining facility to donate a portion of their proceeds to your Relay For Life efforts.
  • Have the president of the university (or other well-known figure, such as the basketball coach, football coach, etc.) temporarily dye their hair purple. Turn this into a fundraising contest by collecting donations from students as “votes” for the campus figure they would most like to see with purple hair.
  • Prepare a presentation for local elementary and middle schools to educate children about Relay and the American Cancer Society. Encourage them to get involved with you.

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Show Us Your Hope by Painting Your Workplace Purple

Workplaces, big and small, are going purple on May 1 in celebration of Relay For Life. You have to join in on the fun! Whether you work for a corporate giant, or own a bakery in a small town, you can help promote Relay For Life by turning your workplace purple.

An office | Turn your office or cubicle purple on May 1.
A healthcare system | Work in a hospital or a dental office? Paint it purple on May 1.
A retail business | Display your support for Relay For Life by painting your store purple on May 1.
A restaurant | Show your patrons you care about for Relay For Life. Turn your restaurant purple on May 1. 

An office
Get your boss and co-workers to go purple on May 1. Spread the power of Relay For Life in your office by using these great ideas:

Distribute and post Paint our Town Purple promotional items throughout your community.
Wear purple clothing.
Wear a purple wrist band or purple lapel ribbon.
Decorate your office or cubicle with purple balloons, purple streamers, and other purple items.
Hold a contest for the Best Decorated Cubicle.
Order a purple flower arrangement for your office reception area.
Place purple static clings in your office windows.
Leave a Relay For Life message on your office voicemail.
Create a Relay For Life email signature.

Ideas for Office Administration:

Designate one department to be responsible for making purple decorations available to employees.
Create a purple company newsletter.
Place our purple Relay For Life Web message on your office intranet.
Buy purple wrist bands to give out to your employees.
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A healthcare system
Your patients will appreciate a little "purple medicine" on May Day. Whether you work in a small private practice or a big healthcare system, these purple ideas will still apply. Remember, May Day is May 1!

Distribute and post Paint our Town Purple promotional items throughout your community.
Wear purple scrubs.
Wear a purple wrist band or purple lapel ribbon.
Decorate your office with purple balloons, streamers, or other items.
Order a purple flower arrangement for your reception area.
Place purple decorations in windows.
Display a Relay For Life poster.
Buy purple wrist bands to give out to your patients.
Give purple lollipops or candy to little ones under your care.
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A retail business
Add a little curb appeal to your store or business by decorating it purple on May 1. People who pass by on May Day will see your support Relay For Life and will be sure to enter!

Use these ideas to paint your workplace purple:

Utilize and distribute Paint our Town Purple promotional items throughout your community.
Decorate your store windows with a purple display.
Sell Relay For Life “Sun” and “Moon” cards in your store or business.
Decorate your front entrance, your fence, or your door with purple balloons.
Wear purple clothing.
Wear a purple wrist band or purple lapel ribbon.
Give out purple candy to clients.
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A restaurant
Whether you own, manage, or work at one, you can turn your restaurant purple on May 1! Your patrons will appreciate the following purple ideas:

Utilize and promote Paint our Town Purple promotional items throughout your community.
Get purple uniforms for your crew.
Wear purple wrist bands or purple lapel ribbons.
Create a purple drink or a purple dish for the night.
Display purple votive candles and put your patrons in a purple mood.
Order a purple flower arrangement for your reception area or your tables.
Display purple decorations in your windows.
Buy purple wrist bands to give out to your patrons.
Change your tablecloths to purple.
Turn your menus purple.
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