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Show Us Your HOPE is about demonstrating your passion and resolve to end this disease. If your community did a Paint Our Town Purple Activity last year, Show Us Your HOPE is for you! Check out a few media highlights from recent relay events.

Just a simple activity that captures the essence of the Relay For Life spirit will make a powerful statement about our commitment to end this disease.

Whatever you do, be sure to take photos and videos and share them online so others can witness the Power of Purple in action.

As the American Cancer Society Relay For Life marks 25 years of bringing hope to communities nationwide, volunteers from all over the world have an opportunity to celebrate the progress we’ve made in the fight against cancer. Whether you’re a donor, team member, team captain or a part of your Relay’s committee, your contributions have made a significant impact on the American Cancer Society’s lifesaving work.

In the 25 years since Dr. Gordy Klatt first ran on a track in Tacoma, Washington to make a statement about cancer awareness, the Relay movement has grown to include more than 3.5 million people around the world. 

As we mark this milestone, we want to celebrate the role Relay For Life volunteers have played in the fight against cancer. Show Us Your HOPE is about demonstrating your passion and resolve to end this disease.  


Los Alamitos-Seal Beach 10

Seal Beach Police Chief Jeffery Kirkpatrick pictured with a police office and three-time cancer survivor and Cops For A Cure team captain Linda McDonald and Officer Tony Rond.

Cops For a Cure raised almost $16K last year for Relay For Life and plan to raise more this year. Chief Kirkpatrick challenged all police chiefs to get involved in their community’s Relay!

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Showing how the American Cancer Society Relay For Life brings hope to your community can be accomplished in many ways. Many communities already hold kickoffs, rallies and Paint the Town Purple activities that help raise awareness about Relay For Life. Some of those activities might be perfect demonstrations of how your community can Show Us Your HOPE.

The goal of Show Us Your HOPE is to visually depict how Relay For Life brings hope to a community. Activities don’t need to be elaborate to send a powerful message of hope, but should be visual and engaging in order to encourage others touched by cancer to get involved. Keep in mind, too, that these activities are meant to complement not replace regular Relay events. The focus in planning should be on meaningful celebrations, not necessarily large-scale activities.

Suggestions for simple activities might include:

1. Lining a main street in your community with luminaria one evening

2. Gathering survivors in a central location for a simple candlelight ceremony

3. Releasing butterflies in a town square

4. Forming the letters H-O-P-E with survivors and caregivers at a local field/stadium

5. Encouraging everyone in your community to wear purple for a day

6. Tying purple ribbons on trees on a well-traveled street 

Of course, larger events designed as great photo opportunities will also help tell the larger story to the media about the movement that Relay For Life has become.

Suggestions might include:

  • Illuminating a bridge or building in purple lights
  • Getting as many people as possible to replace their doorway lights with purple bulbs during the month of your Relay
  • Filling a major landmark area/tourist destination with survivors and caregivers
  • Coordinating the largest gathering of survivors in your state
  • Spell HOPE in the windows of a large building at night



 Show Us Your HOPE events held during Relay For Life’s 25th year can help show your community that Relay is an international movement to end cancer. Nearly everyone has been touched by cancer in some way. Promoting Relay For Life as an event that brings hope to those fighting the disease in your community can help increase participation, fundraising and volunteerism. Your demonstration of hope can inspire others to fight back.

Use your imagination and Show Us Your HOPE in a way that is meaningful to your community. Relay For Life has grown into an international movement to end cancer because individual communities have made the event their own. Millions of Relayers coming together during this momentous year will send a message that we stand united until a cure is found.

 Orange County Fire Authority truck and Seal Beach Police car were decorated for a live news spot.

 Check out the Materials and Documents page for everything you need to Show Us Your Hope.

This page contains:

  • Sample media materials
  • Tips for taking great photos
  • A How-To Guide for posting photos and videos online
  • Tips for working with the media
  • A list of suggested branding materials for Show Us Your HOPE activities
  • Relay For Life Facts and Numbers for 2008-09
  • A How Your Dollars Make a Difference summary
  • Show Us Your HOPE information is also available in the Celebrate. Remember. Fight Back. Guidebook, Volume 2.

Carla Kearin, mission delivery chair of the Relay For Life of Milpitas and her staff partner, Relay Manager Adriana Caldera didn’t have a lot of time or resources to dedicate to Paint Our Town Purple, but they wanted to make a big splash anyway!  

Armed with purple backpacks loaded with Relay brochures, posters, flyers, team captain kits, sponsorship packets, purple streamers and more, the dynamic duo donned purple everything then jumped on their purple bikes with purple flags to embark on a cross-town purple mission.

 “A lot of businesses let us put up posters and flyers,” said Adriana. “Some people look at you skeptically, but they see you riding around on a bike wearing a purple wig and they know you’re definitely very passionate about your cause!”

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