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Awards & Recognition

Awards: Badge

As a long-standing tradition, it is with pleasure and appreciation that we recognize the efforts and accomplishments of individuals and communities who help fuel the mission of the American Cancer Society through the Relay For Life movement. Recognition is not just "a good thing to do," it is a critical component in how we acknowledge, value, and thank our volunteers for their time and commitment to making a difference. Relay For Life volunteers play a key role in making this cancer's last century.

While no award can adequately recognize all that Relay For Life volunteers achieve in their efforts to eliminate cancer, the Society offers the Relay For Life Nationwide Awards and Recognition Program as a tribute to some of the nation's most outstanding participants.

2016 Relay For Life Awards

We are excited to introduce our 2016 Relay For Life Awards and Recognition program to recognize the passion, commitment, and generosity of those who have achieved extraordinary accomplishments. One day at a time, they are helping to make the American Cancer Society’s work possible, while creating a Relay For Life experience that touches the lives of people in communities everywhere.

Submitting Your Application

To learn more about the Relay For Life awards, or to submit an application, simply visit the online Relay For Life National Awards Submission Form, choose the type of award you are applying for, and then fill out the required information. Each Division will submit finalists to be considered for the National awards. Deadline for application based awards is August 15, 2016.

Division Contacts

National Relay For Life Awards Program Manager: Cal Brooks or Judy Reichling