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The American Cancer Society would not be successful without the help of our generous donors and volunteers. Because of you, we've been able to help thousands of people across the globe with life-saving cancer research studies, crucial patient care programs, and education and prevention initiatives. That's why it's so important to get involved in Relay For Life and fundraise - because when you do, you help save lives.

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Joining a Relay For Life event is easy. All you have to do is pick your event, sign up, and decide how you'd like to be involved. Here are some ways to participate:

Team Captains

Being a team captain is an important role. It's up to you to recruit members, set fundraising goals, organize fundraising activities, and most of all, cheer on your team.


There are several ways you can get involved as a participant. You can join an existing team, start your own, or volunteer at the event. Either one you choose, we'd love to see you there.

Survivors and Caregivers

Survivors and caregivers are the heart of every Relay For Life event. We have activities and events designed specifically for you so you can get to know others in the community. In fact, it's the largest cancer support network in the world!

Why participate as a survivor or caregiver?

If you'd like to join the survivor and caregiver activities at the event but don't want to join a team, that's possible too. Once you've decided the event you'd like to participate in, just select the 'Walk the Survivor Lap option'.

Create Your Own Event

Do you know that you can organize your very own Relay For Life Event? It only takes a few minutes to submit your request, get approved, and get started on creating a local event that can make a world of difference!

Host a Relay For Life event for your company or organization while building team spirit and raising money for that American Cancer Society.
Create a Relay For Life event for military personnel in your community and help us save more lives from cancer.
Bring cancer education and awareness to schools by hosting a Schools vs Cancer event in your community.
Bark for Life
Celebrate the unconditional love, joy, and compassion of our canine caregivers by creating a local Bark For Life fundraising event.


Event Leadership Team Training
Relay For Life events wouldn't be successful fundraisers without passionate event leaders, just like you. And since many Relay events are different, we put together a handful of training materials to help things run as smoothly as possible.
Volunteer - Day of event
Do you want to help out at a Relay event but don't have time to commit to a leadership role or a team? No problem. We always need helping hands the day of the event. Tents need to go up, Luminaria bags need to be lit at night, funds need to be collected and counted. There are many small ways to help out that make a huge difference.
American Cancer Society volunteer
Relay For Life events are just one of the many American Cancer Society programs that need volunteers. We offer many services to cancer patients, so we're always looking for people to help out. If a Relay For Life event isn't up your alley, or you want to volunteer for more than one service, we have plenty to choose from.


The American Cancer Society wouldn't be able to act on its mission without the help of generous people like you. Relay For Life participants collect most of our donations but you can also give independently of Relay. Here's how:

Cash Or Check
Bring it by any American Cancer Society office. You can mail one to our central offices or an office near you.
Matching Gifts
Many companies will match their employees' charitable contributions, often dollar for dollar. It's an easy way to double your donation, and give more to the American Cancer Society.
Planned Gifts
Roll donations into your financial and tax planning goals. To find out more, call the American Cancer Society at 1-800-227-1885.

Call 1-800-277-1885


Luminaria Banner

Luminaria bags honor every life touched by cancer. You can dedicate them to a loved one lost, someone currently battling, or anyone who's overcome it.

When you attend a Relay event, you'll see small white bags decorated with names and sometimes messages to the people they're dedicated to. At night, each Luminaria lit is in remembrance of a life touched by cancer.

When you make a donation for a Luminaria it helps fund the American Cancer Society's patient programs and lifesaving research.